It's about time to blog!

It has been a while that I thought about my personal blog. Now I feel that the right time has come. I have my pages on almost all social platforms, but it is not the same. I became tired of them, their politics, and annoying advertising everywhere.

I decided to obtain a space where I can share with the world my thoughts. Making videoblogs is quite challenging as I discovered by doing them. It is time-consuming and you need to have proper tools in order to do it right. Plus there is always a question of language. And let me tell you – the subtitles are just hell! Then I remembered the written blog format. And I always loved writing, so I went "classic" and created this page. (I am going to write mainly in English so you can always use the online translator ;)

What is this blog going to be about?

Well, it is going to be mainly about my life and work in opera showbiz. But as well about my passions such as visual arts and gardening. I am a proud owner of a small piece of land and every day off I am trying to spend there, taking care of my plants. A garden can teach you so many important things. Mine is a rough teacher, but I am grateful for each lesson. At least that is how I see the beginning. But I'll play it by ear.

So, welcome and let's see what is going to grow here.

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