Let’s talk about love

It is a weird period here in the countryside. Clouds are gathering all around, thunder roars, and even the lightning flashes here and there. But not even a drop of rain descends from the sky. My plants are thirsty. Beautiful roses pulling up their sear petals towards the clouds in despair. Some flowers lost their vigor and prostrated on earth. Dreadful vision. I am trying to help them by running around with a big watering can and giving them as much water as I can but it is always not enough. Water runs down in dusty soil and it seems that the plants became even thirstier. Only a good rain can save them.

Isn’t it the same with people?!

Love for us is like water for plants. Sometimes you can see people so thirsty for love. They desperately waiting for a rain of love that seems to never come. They fade, wither, and could actually die.

But what a magical transformation that could happen after a good summer rain! All flowers are clean and sparkle with raindrops reflecting their gorgeous colours. All leaves are green and vigorously adorn the lusty stems. It seems like spring came back and kissed each and every plant in the garden.

But isn't it the same with people?

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