My two-wheeled friend Brompton

I became a Bromptonian, I would say, about 15 years ago

First I saw this bike close to a young pretty lady completely covered with mud but with an absolutely happy smile on her face. The bike was folded on a platform in front of me, when I was waiting for a train to Lewes, UK (I was working in Glyndebourne at that time)

I asked her for the name of the bike and she winked and said: Brompton! I said to myself: I want this happy face too! I gotta get this bike. And I bought it.

And I never ever regretted this choice. So many beautiful places I discovered with my Brommie. I even took it with me to other countries. Once in Dresden, I went on the ride-along Elba and it was one of the happiest days of my life. On the way back it started to pour and I returned home all covered in mud. But it was worth it!

And now I still use it frequently in my commute to work or to the country house. I can’t imagine my life without this little fella.

Though it feels like maybe I need to get a car and a driving license soon.

Is there a foldable car in the market by any chance?! 😆

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