Say it with flowers

This morning I received a beautiful flower bouquet from my dearest friend from Japan. It supposed to be a gift for our opening at La Scala. But unfortunately the first night was canceled due to Covid case in our cast. We were all forced to spend two weeks of quarantine at home and this bouquet became a gift of liberation and hope for us to be back on stage soon. While we where waiting for our destinies to be decided the good news arrived from the theatre: they will be able to do the streaming with what they recorded on General Dress. What a relief. But still we are all little sad because even the best GD is not the actual show. Anyway, Noriko, my dear! Thank you for the beautiful flowers. I love them and feel your beautiful heart so close to me. I am sure that you all know the slogan: “Say it with flowers” I would like to read this bouquet as a message of hope that no other opening night will be ever canceled!

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