The Orange hues of summer

Yesterday, on my Instagram profile I started the quiz asking my audience, where I am headed. I think that it is honest and right to unveil the mystery on my blog. So if you are my reader, you'll discover the answer right away and way before the others. I was called to participate in one of France's most prestigious musical events - “Musique en fête” in Orange.

Despite the troubles of travel during these covid times, I instantly said yes.

And here I am, in a beautiful family-style hotel in the countryside having my first French breakfast. The journey was ok. One covid test before the check-in and you are ready to go. It seems that very slowly we are going back to normality. Though the airports are not crowded at all. Let's see if the theatre will be crowded or not. The Ancient Theatre of Orange is an actual Roman theatre built in the I century b.C. It seems that the capacity of this place is about 9 000 people!

Our direct broadcast is scheduled for the 18th of June. Here you can find out more:

And for more photos and sneak peeks, I invite you to follow my Instagram!

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